Arthur Chabert

Senior UX Designer
The Hague,🇳🇱

@artchab / Linkedin

About me

Creating meaningful experiences rhythms my days since 13 years.
I'm a Senior UX Designer with a strong entrepreneurial mindset.
I love to bring ideas to life, using User Centered Methods. I am strongly skilled in User Research, User Interface and Coding, Moreover, I am used to work in Agile / Scrum environements with developers.
Marketing lays also in my heart: in my opinion, it is crucial to manage it, understand it and use it in order to empower a product.

I'm working now as Senior UX Designer at Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms company. Previously i was working for the n°1 Jobboards in Switzerland and I am in charge to create the entire user experience for Candidates and Recruiters. In the past, I worked on creatives projects like interactive applications for multitouch table, kinect, tablet and mobile.
I already founded 3 companies, and the current one is called Fhyve SàRL a No-Code agency which helps business owner to test their ideas. We are are building CleanMenu a SAAS platform which helps Small buisness to list and present their products via elegant way.

One of my biggest strengths is to manage a multi-skills team and bring new concepts quickly, applying User-centered methods.

My skills

I can manage all kind of tools and softwares but what is important for me is the methodology used behind: I know how to set and define goals for high-level exceptations.

  • Quantitative user analysis
    [ Hotjar, Analytics ]
  • Qualitative user ananlysis
    [ Interviews, Questionnaires ]
  • User interface design
    [ Figma,Sketch, XD, Photoshop, Illustrator ]
  • Prototyping tools
    [ InVision, Craft, UX Pin ]
  • Motion & animation
    [ After Effects, Principle ]
  • Coding
    [ HTML5, CSS3, Git ]

To manage all projects, prioritze, estimate and document I use Jira & Confluence or Notion.

Selected projects

As it's always hard to introduce a work/deliverable without the context around it, I tried to pick some of my favorites creations. List is not exhaustive.


The past 10 years, my main work was dedicated to analyze, understand and create meanfull experiences for jobseekers and recruiters.

Something more personal

When I am not designing or creating something, i spend most of my time at the CrossFit Box or under a kite on a board kitesurfing all around the world.

Get in touch

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