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Jobcloud, 2016

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I designed the mobile website of the leading job board in Switzerland, with over 60k unique visitors per day, this web app was dedicated to mobile job seekers. At this time, mobile usage grown over 50% of all web trafic at this time. This website was also encapsulated into an app for iOS and Android and published on the AppStore and Google Play

The goal of this project was to delay and give a good experience to jobseekers before we launch a complete responsive website and native iPhone and Android app later on.

Challenges were to deliver a viable product, quickly. We had to decide which features we wanted to include compare to the 15 years old website, by doing quantitative and qualitative research before starting the project such as user interview, focus group and analysis of the previous website, via Google Analytic and Hotjar.

Util the research was finished, I created prototype to test and engage our users before starting to code, and don't lost time by developing something that don't correspond.

Finally I pushed high-fidelity screens done with Photoshop.
This project was developed by a near shoring team.


  • Advanced Job search
  • Onboarding & Account creation
  • Profile CV
  • Job alerts
  • Easy apply a job
  • Company profiles & media

Tools and Methods

An overview of Design software i used to realized this product prototype:

  • Macbook & iPhone
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • InVision
  • Analytics & Hotjar

To manage all projects, prioritze, estimate and document I use Jira & Confluence.

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